Original & adapted Border & Cotswold Morris from the foreman of Winkleigh Morris. A4 comb-bound format. Full instructions and music. Also, a mummer's play based on the local Franken's Night legend.  First edition no longer available.

This second edition contained several new dances and changes to some dances published in the first edition. There are  also sequels to the original Franken's Night play.  Second edition has also sold out.

The third edition contains some  more  new dances but a few dances that appeared in earlier editions have been removed.

3rd Edition   4.50  (+ 1.50 p&p)

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BORDERING ON MORRIS        Original dances in Border or Cotswold style

Anne's Well

4 person

long stick

The Ploughboy Processional

Even number (4 +)

2 short sticks


6 person

short stick

Ty Coch Caerdydd

6 person

short stick

Bonny So Blue

6 person

short stick

Hol'combe Weir

Even number (4 +)


Bluebell Polka

5 person

2 short sticks

Speed The Plough

6 person

short stick

Jolly Roger 4 person long stick
Morning Star 6 person long stick
Froghopper 6 person long stick
Old Woman of Winkleigh 6 person handkerchief
King's Arms 6 person long stick


ALMOST IN THE TRADITION’  Dances constructed or adapted from existing traditions

The Maid & The Miller Badby 6 person handkerchief
The Foggy Dew Badby 6 person handkerchief
The Innocent Hare Badby 6 person long stick
Balance The Straws Badby 6 person long stick
Jockey to the Fair Badby 6 person long stick
The Furze Field Bampton 6 person handkerchief
The Myrtle Tree Bampton 6 person handkerchief
The Lively Jig Ilmington 4 person handkerchief & short stick
Dancing Days Lichfield 8 person handkerchief
Constant Billy Boy Stanton Harcourt 6 person handkerchief &  clapping
Nutting Girl Stanton Harcourt 6 person handkerchief & long stick
Princess Royal Stanton Harcourt 3 or 6 person handkerchief
Old Mother Oxford Steeple Claydon 6 person short stick
Saturday Night Bucknell 8,12,16 etc handkerchief
Brimfield Brimfield 8 person short stick
Upton Snodsbury Upton Snodsbury 3, 6, 9 etc long stick

Notation & music for the  following dances which were removed from the third edition is available on request:

  The Curly Headed Ploughboy,  The Month of May,   Portsmouth   

Several new dances have appeared in our repertoire since the 3rd edition was published. They are published in Mixed Capers  and include

  Clifton Silsbury          The Hedgehog      Susie Go Lightly   The Seven Stars   Jean's Sleeves   Bixstix.   The Ploughboy (revamped in Lichfield style from original composed dance)  Jockey To The Pharoah   The Clover,  Devon Marches (processional/coming on)    Thump At The Sun

In due course links to on-line notation of these dances will appear. The dances are available for any team to use, but acknowledgement of source would be appreciated. Musical notation in conventional format and in abc format is available, and will also be made available on-line.


The legend tells of a character called Franken (Franklin, Franklyn), possibly a a brewer from Exeter, who made a pact with the Devil to send late frost in May to kill off the apple blossom and put the Cider Makers out of business. Frosts around the 17th. of May are known in Devon as Franken Nights.  Elsewhere, St Dunstan is blamed for tinkering in a similar way with the weather.   Winkleigh has a strong tradition of cider making, formerly with Inch's Cider, and now the Winkleigh Cider Company. 

*New or substantially amended since 1st edition