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  A MATTER OF DEGREE                 ONE DEGREE OVER                     WHO GIVES A HOOT                  SHATTERED PRETENSIONS             SHEPHERD OF THE DOWNS

 2011  Matador  9781848766952            2018  New Generation 9781787197510    2014  New Generation 9781910266717               2015  Matador   9781784624774                          3rd Edition  2006  with CD

      £5.00  (rrp £7.99)                            £7.00   (rrp £8.99)                                 £6.50                                               £7.00   (rrp £8.99)                                     £12.00    (rrp £12.95)

     ebook 1848766955                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Also avalable from Worthing Museum

A Matter of Degree and the sequel One Degree Over  are set in early 1970s in a fictional teacher training college in mid Wales. Humorous and dramatic exploits of Devon farmer's son, Robert Kiddecott and his folk-singing friend Jacob Moses.  “A ’Last of the Summer’s Wine for students in the 1970s” - Michael Jecks. Well written and amusing” -  Barry Goodman

Who Gives A Hoot  is a  collection of amusing and thought-provoking songs, poems  and short  stories. Original pen & ink cartoons by the late Julie Rudge

Shattered Pretensions  Two short stories in which the actions of a teacher have devastating consequences. Fragile:  A headmaster standing for election to parliament is  reluctant to answer allegations in the local  press concerning the disappearance of his wife many years earlier. Out Of This World: An extended role play exercise creates tensions which reach beyond the classroom, with catastrophic consequences for both the teacher and the students. Story fiction but based on an actual classroom projectdeveloped by the author.

Shepherd Of The Downs  Originally published by Worthing Museum in 1979, the third edition contains extra information about the songs which Michael Blann wrote down in his notebook over a lifetime as a shepherd on the South Downs. It also includes a CD of Colin performing some of the songs and tunes. 


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WINKLEIGH MORRIS COLLECTION         MIXED CAPERS                                 DEVONIAN DOUBLE CIRCLE                  EXE SETTER'S BALL                             CONTRARY CONTRA

   3rd Editon   £4.50                                              Print on demand £3.00                                  Print on demand  2nd Edition £3.00            Print on demand 2nd edition £3.00                                   £3.00

Winkleigh Morris Collection 3rd Edition                29 new and adapted  Cotswold & Border style  dances  plus the Franken's Nights Mummers Plays

Mixed Capers                                                                     15 more Cotswold and Border style dances devised or adapted by Colin Andrews

Devonian Double Circle                                                 The first collection of orginal folk dances devised by Colin Andrews

Exe Setter's Ball                                                                 29 more original folk dances

Contrary  Contra                                                               The thrid collection of 26 original dances plus some tunes