Active repertoire 2017-2018 (bold)          occasional/reserve dances (normal)    ( ) number in set if other than 6

                            Style: Cotswold     Style: Border         Sticks  LS  2LS SS  2SS  LS+SS    Hankies   Hankie+stick

Underlined dances: click for notation and/or tune    abc:  tune also in abc format   REC: click to hear tune 

Adderbury               Postman's Knock Winkleigh        Anne's Well (4)  abc   REC
Adderbury              Princess Royal


Bluebell Polka (5)
Adderbury             Sweet Jenny Jones Winkleigh           Bonny So Blue
Badby                    Balance The Straws Winkleigh  Clover, The (9)
Badby                      Bean Setting Winkleigh Devon Marches Processional abc
Badby                     Innocent Hare Winkleigh                                      Froghopper
Badby                      Jockey To The Fair Winkleigh                                Hedgehog   abc  
Bidford on Avon       Bixstix   abc    Winkleigh King's Arms
Bidford on Avon     Old Woman Tossed Up Winkleigh                    Morning Star   
Bampton                  Quaker Winkleigh                                   Old  Woman of Winkleigh
Bampton                   Furze Field Winkleigh            Seven Stars (4)
Bampton                   Myrtle Tree Winkleigh               Speed The Plough                    
Bampton                 Rigs of Doon Winkleigh           Shirebrook
Fieldtown                  Nutting Girl Jig  (1) Winkleigh/Bampton                       Susie Go Lightly (5) abc  REC
Hinton                      Jean's Sleeves  abc Winkleigh        Ty Coch Caerdydd               
Hinton Jockey To The Pharoah Brimfield                    Brimfield (8)
Hinton                   Lads A Bunchum (Unspecified)                                Clifton Silsbury 
Horsham                   Old Dan Roberts (8) Steeple Claydon     Old Mother Oxford 
Ilmington                   Lively Jig (4) Grimspound         Tinners Rabbits (3)
Lichfield                   Dancing Days(8) Upton on Severn                   Stick Dance
Lichfield                   Jenny Lind (8) Upton Snodsbury                           Stick Dance (3)
Lichfield                    Ploughboy (8)    
Lichfield                 Ring of Bells (8)    
Lichfield                   Vandals of Hammerwich(8)    
Oddington                Old Frog Jig    
Stanton Harcourt Greensleeves Winkleigh                    Molly Rose  (8)  (Molly Dance)
Stanton Harcourt      Princess Royal( 3 person jig)  Rapper Sword Dance                     

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