Updated: 20/10/17

Home Brew Country Dance Band

"puts spirit into hops"

Over 35 years of experience in playing for weddings, parties, socials, village dances, pta, folk dance clubs and festivals in  Devon and neighboring counties

Full line-up includes accordion, fiddle, bass, drums, guitar. Smaller band available for budget gigs. Our own regular caller (also an experienced musician) gives clear instructions for dances selected  to suit the age and experience of the dancers.

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                                 Full band including caller                                                Small band including caller

The band has also worked with many other well-known callers in the South-West

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 Wed 25th Oct   Gittisham Folk Dance Club

Fri 3rd Nov        Eagle House, Launceston

Sat. 9th Dec    Enquiry - birthday


 Wed 7th Feb    Gittisham Folk Dance Club

 Sat 18th Aug  Enquiry - wedding

Wed 5th Dec  Gittisham FDC


Sat 28th Jan   Enquiry - wedding


Those not listed as private functions are open to the public. Please enquire for further details.


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