Tunes composed by Colin Andrews

Many played by Home Brew Band or Winkleigh Morris . 

Updated  29/04/2020

All the following are in .pdf (Acrobat) format.   abc notation and recordings available for some tunes.

I am happy for anyone to play these tunes, but acknowledgement of source would be appreciated. All tunes copyright C. Andrews


Jigs                                                   Reels                                         Polkas

Cabbage Patch Capers                                 Princetown                                         Anne's Well

Cat Amongst The Pigeons                            Madcaptains                                     Scarborough Reel

Slippery Eel                                                   Torre Abbey                                      Parsnip Polka

Morchard Messenger                                  Hol'combe Weir                                 Tickle The Turmuts

One For The Road                                       The Multiplier                                    Honeypots

Slip Jigs                                                     Froghopper                                         Waltzes

Tipsy Mariner/Marinade                             Below The Belt                                   Colin's Waltz


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