Ode de Colin

   Song            Who Gives A Hoot

   Song            The X Factor

   Song            The Stranger

   Poem            Stan

   Poem            For Whom The Bells Toll


   Song            A Byte Too Far

   Song            Perversary Rhymes

   Song            The Bold Insanity

   Song            The Last Bus Is Leaving

   Song            Cold Comfort

Briefings     (short stories)

                     Brief Encounter

                     The Freeze

                     The Pram Race

                     April Fool

                     The Dawning



Song            Beating About The Bush

Song            The Laws They Are A-changing

Poem           Picking Up the P C s


Poem            Credo 1

Poem            Credo 2

Poem            Gospel

Poem            Jesus Wept

Poem            Abstraction

Poem            Eternity

With original pen & ink drawings by Julie Rudge


Review  by Bob & Kathy Drage in Folk Around Kent.

This book is a wry look at life in verse and prose - a bringing together of bits and pieces of writings over a number of years: an assortment of songs, poems, short stories and comments on a range of different topics.

The song, Who Gives A Hoot, taking us from carrier pigeon to GPS, with the wonderful refrain 'To whit and what tweeteth me. The robin on the blackberry'. The Stranger  a cat who came visiting, Stan, rivalry between villagers in the flower and produce show. The Last Bus Is Leaving - a country boy's unrequited love and problems of rural transport.

Stories include The Freeze, significant snowfall in the village and the fun of tobogganing, April Fool, village lads causing mayhem but coming good in the end. Many a morris dancer/musician/follower will identify with the antics in The Dawning. Vegewatch, set in the future with some black humour is brilliant. We adore The Laws A#They Are A Changing, written in 2002 when government proposals required all live performances to be licensed. Credo, Gospel and Knowing Jesus give some thought provoking verses and Eternity is a sheer delight - don't mourn or grieve when someone goes, have a rave and celebrate with song and laughter.

Colin has written several books on various subjects as well as cd recordings. This book is a delight to read- you find yourself returning to it time and time again; a lovely gift for someone or even to indulge yourself.