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A nostalgic and amusing snapshot of student life in the 1970' s that draws on Colin's  long experience as a teacher, folk singer and Morris dancer.

No mobile phones, no internet, no mixed sex accommodation and definitely no alcohol on Sundays  ...  A  Matter  of  Degree  is set in the early 1970s and follows the comical and dramatic exploits of Robert Kiddecott, a farmer's son from Devon, and Jacob Moses, his folksinging friend, through the three years to graduation at a fictional teacher training college in mid-Wales.

Rob's relationships with the fairer sex and Jake's penchant for involving Rob in well-meaning projects lead to bizarre yet utterly believable and amusing scenarios.  Will unexpected turns of fate always thwart Rob's amorous inclinations? Why is Jake obsessed with an abandoned observatory? Whatever inspires Jake to get Rob and their fellow students involved in the folk traditions of Mumming and Morris Dancing? In what other directions does Jake's persuasive enthusiasm lead his his friends? And what key part does Jessica play in their lives?

A Matter of Degree is an entertaining snapshot of a time now passed, but it also touches on controversial issues such as racial prejudice, sexual temptation facing young teachers, religious fanaticism and political correctness in a thought-provoking yet sensitive way.


  Alan Blood     Barry Goodman     Michael Jecks     Trevor Monson    Mecki Testroet       Steve Thomason   

 A. Campion     'Poppy'       Alison Frosdick      Brian Tasker       Columbyne      Janice Renton (California)

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