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A CD featuring sixteen songs and three instrumental tracks gathered over a period of forty odd years by Colin Andrews.  

1. Billy Bones & his Dancing Cat 

A delightful song from Sussex.

8.  There's A Good Time Coming   

Written by Charles Mackay in 1846, the words are as relevant as ever. Stephen Foster wrote a tune for it, but not the one used here, which was published in early 20th century

14. Any Old Port  (Wootton)

Footloose and fancy free song by Miles Wootton

2. Bright Golden Buttons   (Silverstein)

Song set in American Civil War

9.  Workless Town    (Duke)

Sometimes described as an English blues

15. Horncastle Fair (Trad.)

Charming courtship song from Lincolnshire

3. Ballad of St Hieritha (Henderson-Begg)

Story of the martyrdom of St Hieritha, patron saint of the church in the village where the author lives.

10. Froghopper/Below The Belt  (Andrews)

Two original tunes, one used (much slower) for a Morris dance, the 2nd based on 'The Chamption'

16. Hol'combe Weir/Rhif Wyth (Andrews/trad)

The 1st tune composed for a processional Morris dance, the 2nd is traditional Welsh.

4. Princetown/Madcaptains (Andrews)

Two tunes, originally written for Playford style dances

11. Death of John Lee (Trad/Andrews)

New tune & augmented words to a poem discovered in  Hampshire. A true story.

17. The X Factor (Andrews)

Composed in 2007 for a Sidmouth themed singaround

5. Sailing Out For The 1st Time (Fisher)

Gentle song by Archie Fisher

12. William & Nancy  (Trad.)

Words collected by Alfred Williams set to variation of a  traditional Morris tune of same name

18. A Byte Too Far  (Andrews/trad.)

New words written in frustration set to a familiar tune.

6. Farewell to Whaling  (Trad/Wicks)

A familiar whaling song re-worked as a protest 

13. Jug of This  (Trad.)

A less well-known version of 'Ye Mar'ners All'

19 Wimborne Valentine

Words discovered on a postcard in Wimborne Museum, set to a familiar hymn tune

7. Young Collins   (Trad.)

Words submitted to a Sussex newspaper in 1903 set to Morris tune of the same name


 Colin Andrews : vocals, melodeon, anglo concertina, guitar. 

Additional chorus vocals: Sonja Andrews, Dick & Melanie Henrywood

Price:  7 + 1  p& p.

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