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Hours of fascinating fun for children from primary age upwards and for adults. 

Saxon, Hexworthy and Bodyguard are all games of strategy for two people. The rules are very simple to follow  but  the games allow a battle of wits. They are supplied in a plastic wallet with A4  laminated card game board, plastic playing pieces,  rules and hints on strategy.  Since they contain small pieces, the games  are unsuitable for very young children.  Cost:  3.00 each (+ 1 p&p).

Newtown is an original board game for up to four people. It is only available in kit form at present, but will shortly be offered in a similar format to the other games. There are more playing tokens, cards and dice, so the cost is likely to be higher.

 Some  unusual or out-of-print board games also available, including: 

SCOOP - Waddingtons. Very early edition, complete but box very poor condition. Telephone has been repaired

GAME OF LIFE - Milton Bradley.  1970's   edition. Good condition generally. Although described as for 2 -6 players, there are only   'cars' for 5 players. 

SPY RING - Waddington's - very good condition

ON THE BUSES - Denys Fisher game based on TV comedy show. Actually one of the better TV spin-off games.

THE WEATHER GAME  Spears board game from the


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